Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Are you a gunsmith?

I mean, really... Are you? I'm not. I'm fairly handy with tools - even the dreaded Dremel. I can read plans and specs, and I have a pretty mechanical mind, so I can grasp how most of our competition guns actually work internally. But when it comes to taking a set of parts and making a properly working, accurate, reliable firearm out of them, I know better than to delude myself about my abilities.

What's had me curious lately is the seeming large number of folks who think they are gunsmiths... Oh, they don't run around telling people that they're gunsmiths or anything like that... What they do seem to do, though, is to decide how a gun should be built, and then they go tell some 'smith to do it their way.

Hit the DR Performance Shooting main site for some thoughts on building guns, the insanity we impose upon our gunsmiths, and the side effects we can introduce in doing so...

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Match Report: 2008 USPSA Area 6 Championship

Another road trip, another big match! Area 6 is known for putting on a high quality championship match, and this year did not disappoint. The match was full of testy, challenging stages that bit back if you didn't pay attention. It was everything you expect an Area match to be, in the end.

Here's the video - visit the DR Performance Shooting site to read the rest!

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Match Report: 2008 Double Tap Championship

The last weekend in March, March 28-30, marked the 4th annual Double Tap Championship held at the Double Tap Ranch in Wichita Falls, TX. The DTC is generally considered to be the exact polar opposite of the Florida Open match. Whereas the Florida Open contains solely "Classic" style targets (with no upper A/B zone - that's the "head"), and generally has a lot of long shots on wide open targets. This leads to hit factors normally in the 6-8 range, meaning its a relatively slow match where points really count more than speed. The DTC, on the other hand, is completely "Metric" targets, features few long shots, and is generally up close, in your face, run-and-gun, hose fest type stuff. Any loss of speed kills on these high adrenaline stages, any little hesitation or conservative moments will bleed you of match points quickly.

Here's my video - hit the DR Performance Shooting site for the rest of the article!

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