Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Match Report: 2008 Area 2 Championship

Phoenix in November is a beautiful thing, no doubt about it. The Area 2 Championship (aka, the Rio Salado Desert Classic) has a strong reputation for being a quality match with a superb prize table. This was my first year attending the match, and I can tell you that, for the most part, it lived up to the hype. First, the vid - then hit the DR Performance Shooting site for the rest!

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Pete said...

I too thought this match was a good test of shooting skill. Beyond the match though, I wanted to comment on something I learned from you on Stage 8 "Do you know my father?"

I watched your squad shoot this stage as I had some concerns regarding target engagement. I have been working a ton on visualization recently so I watched as you went through your pre-stage routine. I observed you standing at the gurney, visualizing (eyes closed?)each target engagement, simulating the movement into each shooting position in "real time." Interestingly, when you were ready to start the COF, the RO jacked with your rhythm and made an adjustment to the wheels of the gurney. It was clear that the RO had interrupted the flow of your stage. You then took the time to re-visualize your plan, and shot the stage in your comfort zone, according to your plan. It resulted in a stage win to boot. Cool. I know this sounds simple, but it was helpful to me on the same stage. The RO stopped me at the same spot. I used the same stage prep technique and completed the stage as I planned it. You taught me a valuable lesson and never knew it. Thanks.