Thursday, March 19, 2009

2008 - the year in review

Looking back, I think I could've at least partially predicted my 2008 season. Coming out of a pretty good 2007 season, I achieved a life long goal... making Grand Master in USPSA's Open division. It was the culmination of a lot of investment (hard work, money, mental energy, you name it). Achieving that goal comes pretty easily to some folks, less easily to others. My improvement was gradual, but actually hitting that milestone felt pretty big to me. And... I didn't have a strong sense of what came next. I knew that put me in a position to be a little stagnant - I was OK with that, and gave myself permission to simply enjoy the achievement, without too much pressure to go beat the world in the next season.

So, I went out into the 2008 season with a goal to attend more major matches, and to really learn what it was going to take for me to win at the upper levels of this sport. The lessons - some big, some subtle - were many. I had a few failures along the way, but countered with a few successes. The matches - and the season as a whole - were something of a roller coaster.

Hit the DR Performance Shooting main site for some thoughts on how the season went...

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